Magic disappearing writing pen

(Text disappears within a short time)

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Features :

  • 20 to 40 minutes handwriting will disappear naturally.
  • The materials can be any naturally go away, but lost time and different materials, temperature, humidity, writing vary the speed of.
  • Do not issue securities and permanent data, otherwise your peril! !
  • Disposable pen and the general appearance, like automatic elimination from the outside may not look the word document though, but it is the United States imported ink, written word will disappear naturally, different cartridge lost time in half an hour to 15 days without And so on, but also with different material, temperature, humidity, speed of writing a relationship.


  • Graffiti
  • Copybook writing characters
  • Writing the draft
  • Draft Drawing
  • All material temporary signs, including: paper, cloth, leather and so on.
  • This automatic erasing pen sometimes there are special effects too! For example: you meet someone forced to sign what the word should not sign it! Use of it no worries!
  • Do not sign a contract to write IOUs and, or peril! !
  • This document is a one-time auto-erasing pen, each pen a one-time use of time and ordinary pen the same time, if only generally available for several years for signature.
  • Width 16mm
  • Height 142mm
  • Depth 14mm



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