Anti-Door Viewers

(Can be observe the indoor environment)

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Features :

The product has two purposes:

1, when the miniature telescope can see look like 1000 meters, 100 meters, is a long-range reconnaissance good helper, it's small, do not take place.

2, through the door viewer on things inside, particularly clear at the door. Good helper reconnaissance, some clients obviously at home, he did not at home, so you can grasp the situation of his family.

Anti-door viewer provides a clear picture while using the telescope to do to facilitate the investigation personnel in indoor conditions, simple to use, simply placing the device on the endoscope can clearly view the interior condition.

1. Can be placed on the general market anti-ban cat mirrors, outdoor indoor environment can be observed.

2. The direct visual observation and in line with the general market to the video camera as evidence.

3. According to personal vision at different angles.

4. Reverse observation can be used as a mini telescope.

  • Width 33mm
  • Height 90mm
  • Depth 30mm



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